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Arusha Experience life on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro and visit Marangu, a quaint village that offers a fascinating insight into the lives of the Chagga people.
The name Marungu comes from the local Chagga word meaning ‘spring water’ and the village itself is located in the foothills of Africa’s tallest mountain, about 40km from Moshi town.This one-day tour takes in various natural and cultural sites on the surrounding slopes.
Arusha National Park is a Tanzanian jewel, often unseen by safari goers, regardless of offering the prospect to explore a fascinating diversity of habitats within a few hours.The park is a part of the larger regional ecosystem of Mount Meru, which is Africa’s fifth highest mountain standing at 4,565 metres above sea level.
Beneath the breath-taking cliff-face of Meru’s peaks, the slopes are covered by rainforest and Acacia woodland. The park is notably famous for its black and white colobus monkey, the great Mommela Lakes, and Ngurdoto Crater.
Here you will have chance to walk in the park with an armed ranger and get very close to animals like zebras, warthog and giraffes.

  • Great for First Time Adventurers.

  • A must Go Place with Family.

  • Make Memories For Life Time.

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