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Lake Natron is considered one of the most serene lakes in Africa, forming part of the Great Rift Valley. Nestled between the rolling volcanic hills and deep craters, Lake Natron has some of the most dramatic scenery you will see in Tanzania. Lush green vegetation gives way to sparse, dusty landscapes, with only the occasional Maasai village spotted on the horizon.
To the north you will see the remains of extinct volcanoes, which are soon dwarfed by the sight of the active Oldoinyo Lengai – whose name means “mountain of god” in the Maasai language.
The area around Lake Natron is home to some wildlife such as giraffe and zebra, but the lake is most famous for its millions of Lesser Flamingos that appear as a pink blanket across the alkaline water.
The lake itself is home to a fascinating eco-system – millions and millions of salt-loving micro-organisms thrive here, giving the lake its blue-pink pigments. The lake is an extremely hostile environment, meaning few predators can survive here, and the result is a safe breeding ground for the flamingos who return here annually to nest.

  • Feel The Thrill And Adventure.

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Best time to go the weather at Lake Natron is primarily hot and dry, and the coolest months are June to August. The flamingos lay their eggs normally during the end of the dry season in September and October, but hatching starts in the early parts of the wet season, climaxing by December.

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